Let me start off with what we DO NOT DO. This is my job and I take it very seriously. I trust you to do the same.

  1. No automatic anything – don’t ask
  2. No lowers
  3. No silencers, suppressors, “custom grease traps”, nothing – don’t ask.
  4. No “receiver repairs”
  5. No FFL work


Please Note: An “AR-15 Pistol” upper assembly has a barrel less than 16” in length. Pistol uppers are only for use on AR-15 pistol lowers and legal Short-Barreled Rifles  (SBR). Other configurations may violate Federal law.

Please Note: Installation of AR-15 upper assemblies with certain features including, but not limited to: flash hiders, bayonet lugs, and threaded muzzles may violate state and/or local laws.

Make sure you are fully aware of what you are doing with uppers / barrels less than 16″ in length. Here is a quick link:

  1. Can I put a pistol upper (barrel length less than 16″) on my AR-15 receiver?  The short answer is NO. There is a lot of NFA laws and guides regarding Pre-Ban, Post-Ban, etc etc dealing with this. Once a firearm is designated or registered as a rifle it must remain a rifle. You have two options: 1. Do the SBR paperwork; 2. Buy a Pistol lower, they are $65.
  2. Can I put a stock on my Pistol? NO. This makes it a Short Barreled Rifle. Make sure you also read the definition and limitations on what is considered a stock. Only the buffer tube extension can be used, or something acceptable to the BATF like the new Sig Brace. That is why we developed our No Buffer Upper
  3. Can I put a grip on the front of my pistol? NO. Violation of the definition
  4. Can I put a rifle upper on my pistol? Yes, but why?
  5. Can I convert my pistol lower to a “rifle” with a stock and rifle upper? Yes, but don’t get caught halfway between in the process. Just go buy a pistol lower……
  6. What’s the difference between a gas gun, DI, piston, blowback etc? They are the operating systems for the AR-15 platform. Gas, DI, & piston guns use the same principle but different carrier types and can be converted back and forth. Blow back guns use a special bolt carrier and can not be converted to gas operation without a new barrel and bolt carrier group.
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