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Updated 1/2/18

strycnine has helped out with a forum and it looks cool check it out.

Prices: This is what we have so far: All prices subject to change at any time.

Adapters:   Part #      Description                                                      Price

               TMAR   Adapter Right side mag release Pps-43;            $175

               TMAL  Adapter Left side mag release, Pps-43:               $175

               TMAF  Adapter Flush Mount Pps-43:                               $175

               TMB   Blow back magazine adapter Pps-43:                   $NA

               9MBB 9mm Blow Back for Colt / Uzi mag adapters      $ NA

               9MGC 9mm Gas Operated Colt / Uzi mag adapters        $ NA

               TMZ         Tokarev Magazine; Tested and Fitted               $25  We are finding huge variations from feed lips to locator

                              Rework customers mags or core charge               $10 ea

                              Add AR Mag catch slot to your mags                    $10 ea

Please call or email me with any questions


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