LEAN Systems

LEAN – it works!

You have probably been to some sort of LEAN, Kan Ban, Toyota, 5S type work shop in the last 10 years just like the rest of us. Then your boss gave you the task of doing a 5S on a room or something and if you were like most, you couldn’t wait until this phase also passed.

I had the opportunity to work first hand with some great LEAN people through Harris Lean Systems. The results I  personally witnessed were nothing short of dramatic, watching a plant at full capacity looking to expand not only increase production and reduce inventory, but also open up enough space for a future line. Absolutely amazing. So next time you go to a seminar, try a little harder because I guarantee one of the people next you is going to.

If you are tight for space, have some bottle necks, or just want a review, please give us a call and we can help you get started.

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