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Custom solutions for the AR platform

Ask about our new Bufferless Pistol systems! For more info see our AR site:

Big thanks to Marty, Strycnine, Taylor, radius, d r,  and the others who have put a lot of effort into this. We are constanly testing new ideas and will post this info, good or bad, to keep you informed. Strycnine set up a forum at  Please check it out for various info.  I’ve got some other things in the works for info and ordering also.

 We are taking orders on adapters, barrels and uppers: please email to for confirmation and estimated ship date.

Please note: Our adapters use standard, un-modified Tokarev Mags. No grinding or slotting required!

Anodizer is now up and running for adapters and other aluminum parts. Please ask for info!

Tok Mag Adapter Right Hand release Part Number: TMAR:  $175

Tok Mag Adapter Left Hand release  Part Number: TMAL:  $175

Tok Mag Adapter Flush Mount  Part Number: TMAF:  $175

Tok Mag Adapter Blow Back Operation  Part Number: TMAB:  $200

NOTE: All adapters use standard, un-modified Tokarev mags

Magazines: Tok Mag: Part # TMZ  $25

Barrels: Stainless Tok Barrel in your choice of length with 5/8-24 threaded muzzle: $275

               4150 Chromoly steel, your choice of length, parkerized, with 5/8-24 threaded muzzle: $235

              Deduct $25 for barrels less than 11″

Bare CM barrel: $215

Gas System: $50

Bolts: $85

Complete Upper: $650 with CM barrel and Free Float Handguards

                            $700 with SS barrel and Free Float Handguards

                           Add $50 for A2 style upper and 2 pc Carbine handguards and Front Sight Base

                           Blow Back Uppers: $550 with CM barrel, add $50 for stainless barrel.

                           Ask about our NEW!!!! Bufferless AR Pistol Uppers – taking orders

Left Hand Uppers available: Add $105

We also offer M1 Carbine and 9mm adapters as well, just ask!

Not to mention the various calibers we can chamber your AR for…………. if it will fit, we can do it.

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